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Befit Pilates combines its skill with a group class and an empasis on feedback personally. usually group is formed with same fitness level criterias so beginners intermediate and advanced as the workout carved in group classes are more general suiting for everyone.

Now that you have decided you need pilates and you are confused whether you go with group or private let us help you sitting and slouching all day behind that computer sydentry life is not playing havoc not only on your body but your mind too your posture is poor and you have no tone hould reflectyou feel you have no stamina posture poise what your age should refelect your body  wants pilates so how do u choose private or groups?

All these times you have seen people working out in gyms all they do is building muscles and stretching muscles and get your heart rate up. but Pilates is different in the sense. its multidirectional approach ,you not only work on your 

strength flexibility but also on aligning your body,agility, prioprioception, reflex time,hand eye. coordination,steadiness,speed,balance,rehab, prehab,muscular imbalances which is major causes of injury. these skills of fitness truly defines it being efficient in your daily life movements, or excelling in sports, or the dancers poise.