Equipment Private

A Private class is customized to suit your fitness needs with expert verbal and hands on feedback alongwith a personalized repertoire. In each session, you will experience ultimate personalized Pilates exercises to achieve your fitness goals which your instructor or coach will skillfully select and que. These classes are recommended for those which demanding schedules, professionals who require their body to be fit(dancers, actors, athletes, models) or anyone who requires rehabilitation from an injury. Private lessons include all the props and equipments in the Pilates studio which can make the workout challenging for you.


duet/trios/quatrets. if you have a fitness buddy or you have an insp[irational group of friends,duets and trios make a great cost effective way of getting personalised attention for a lesser benefit with a great group energy enthusiasm . wheteher you can finmd a partner yourself or looking for a partner visist us to discuss scheduling.