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Mat Pilates: List

Mat pilates is a series of exercises from within the Pilates Method designed specifically to be performed on the mat. We here in Be Fit Pilates provide you with small group sessions in which we can give a personal attention to each individual with a team of certified doctors and fitness professionals. Pilates should be inculcated into our daily lives from the childhood itself, hence we have also introduced the Mat Pilates for kids so that they can be made aware of their bodies and a healthy life style. We also provide classes for the geriatric individuals with personal sessions with proper care and attention and give customized workouts for every indiviual after studying their fitness history or any history of illness. Along with the mat we have various equipments such as pilates ring, resistance band or weighted balls which help us attain a proper exercise posture and give challenging workouts.

INSTRUCTOR – Dr. Deepali Gupta, Smita Patil.
TIMINGS- 7 to 8 AM
DAYS- Mon-Wed-Fri

Benefits of Mat Pilates-
The Mat Pilates workout series is an low impact exercise series which our body can handle. It focuses on the core of our body which is termed as the powerhouse of any pilates exercise. It helps us to find our core muscles and give a right way to engage them in every action in our daily life which we perform. Strong core makes our lower back strong and protect it like a corset. A strong core strength is very much needed to the athletes for the stamina and the power performance. Also Mat pilates is beneficial for the post-partum recovery for a new mom. It also helps in gaining strength in core after the pregnancy in a medical condition like diastasis recti as it is safe doing the Mat pilates and also helps in curing the diastasis recti.

Also it teaches us the correct use of our spine and protecting our spine in performing various activities daily with a proper breathing. Helps in curing the various back problems while performing the exercises with various props to give to you a relief from pain.

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