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10 Amazing Benefits of Pilates

‘It is the mind itself; which builds the body’ – Joseph H Pilates

Joseph Pilates introduced this innovative style and created this health regimen which got fame across the globe. Working out with Pilates is a series of movements that will stabilize and strengthen your core. So, it does not just work out, it’s the transformation of mind & body, heart & soul. The exercise is done under a specific order, with exciting names of the moves like, ‘The 100’, ‘Cork-Screw’, ‘The Bicycle’, ‘The Seal’. These movements may look simple, yet these are the best combination of precision & control through a strong prominence on the technique. Here are the 10 Amazing Benefits of Pilates

1) Utmost Flexibility

Stretching yourself on the reformer helps you to elongate the life of your muscles. Pilates strengthens muscle elasticity and joint mobility. The more are you habitual with Pilates, the more strong and healthy your muscles are.

2)Improved Muscle Tone and Strength-

Pilates help you to improve your muscle tone drastically. Improved and toned muscles cause healthy blood flow. Pilates help keeps the core muscles be in move hence build better endurance.

3)Eases Back Pain- Pilates strengthen the core to support the back and provides gentle stretching for tight back muscles due to misalignment and overuse. The specific Pilates exercises for spine strengthens the back resulting in reduced risks of back pain.

4)Balanced and Beautiful Postures-

Muscle-specific exercises of Pilates help you to build a balanced and beautiful posture. Sitting on a desk for a long time, continued usage of laptops and smartphones may cause downward shoulders and poor postures. Pilates provides a reverse effect to these bad habits through the creation of better and symmetry.

5)Physical Mental improvements-

Pilates transforms you from within, thus not only your physic but your soul too; gets rejuvenated. All exercises are done with control, so with symmetry, your body as a whole, gets transformed so as your mind. 6)Preventing Injuries-

With consistent workout with Pilates, helps improve flexibility, increases strength and improves balance. This links to the improved and dynamic control of movements resulting minimized injuries.

7)Breathing Experience – Enriched!

The improved ‘core’ helps increased lungs capacity, a healthy chest and an enriched and pure breathing experience which may cause a long and healthy life.

8)Great Cardio Vascular Endurance- An average rate of heart beats to 120-130 beats/minute is considered to be healthy and having reduced risks of cardiovascular disorders. This is possible with the regular sessions of Pilates. Regardless of your age, Pilates help you to get a great cardiovascular endurance.

9)Conditions The Body as a whole-

In Pilates work out, there are specified types which will make your head to toe balanced, strong and conditioned. A regular Pilates activist is enthusiastic always and has less risk of injuries. A Pilates activist is a strong ‘performer’, always!

10)Makes a great cross training workout-

Few sessions of Pilates will definitely pull you out from the boredom. Practicing Pilates on a stability ball or reformer apparatus improves physical coordination and balance and promotes good posture. With a reformed posture, evenly balanced musculature, and a conditioned mind one can stay fit and fine for years ahead…



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