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5 things you need to know about Pilates vs Yoga

Yoga is a form originated in our country so we all know about it. Pilates is a trending term which we have come across often and yet know very little about it. Let us know what is the Pilates and what can we achieve from it. Yoga and Pilates are put into the same category because most of us usually confuse these both terms to be same. But in reality, Pilates and Yoga are similar practices, but they have some major differences that many of us don’t recognize.

Pilates exercise routine was started by Joseph Pilates in the 20th century. Pilates has grown to be a very popular training method for dancers. Yoga started in India over 5,000 years ago as a spiritual practice.

  • Pilates classes offer a total body workout with the main focus on core strengthening, Flat Abs, Aligning the body, Strength, Flexibility, and Balance. Whereas in yoga, core muscle toning is an addition to total body strengthening

  • Pilates helps to increase calorie burning by the body and increases not only fat loss potential but also dramatic Inch loss. Weight loss is an eventual process in yoga.

  • With Pilates, the breath is used more as a technique of providing the muscles with the energy they need to exercise effectively along with core engagement. In yoga, the breathing exercises help you to achieve relaxation.

  • For individuals with physical injuries, Pilates has been a tried and tested method of reducing physical pain and recovering from injury. Whereas Yoga, on the other hand, has been often used as part of mental and emotional rehabilitation.

  • Lastly, Pilates exercises are a lot more intense and results may be achieved much quicker than they might be if practicing yoga.

The one that you choose from these will become a part of your life. Also, your decision will depend on the results that you would like to attain. We at Be Fit Pilates change you better by making Pilates a part of your daily life. We want to make a difference by improving your lives and help you to Define Yourself, both physically and mentally.



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