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The new fitness mantra to look good, feel good.

Bored of lifting dumbbells and running on treadmills?

Try Pilates, the new fitness obsession in town.

“Pilates is an ancient form of exercise invented in the early 20th century, which was further reformed by ballet dancers. It helps one to increase one’s core strength and posture. Hence, pilates gives one the strength of a warrior and the grace of a dancer,” said Rucha Mulay, owner of Bodyfit Pilates Studio on Prabhat Road. Doubtful about whether Pilates would be accepted by Puneites, Mulay started with one reformer two years ago. “When I got my first pilates reformer shipped from San Francisco, I wasn’t sure if people here will like it. But today, the popularity of Pilates has grown beyond imagination. I have clients from all age groups and professions — right from doctors, pilots, sportsmen, models to housewives and mothers choosing Pilates as their way of life,” Mulay said.

The promise of core strength, increased concentration, lean muscle tone and a flat abdomen has been attracting people of all age groups.

Moushumi Kuvawala, an owner of Moushu’s Pilates, said that the fitness routine works in favor of everyone, from people who want to treat their joint aches to dancers who want to add posture to their art. “There are also yoga instructors who come to learn Pilates and desire to amalgam Yoga and Pilates into Yogalates,” she said. “I have been working out for many years, but the difference that Pilates does to one’s body is remarkable. Not only does it make you fit but also but adds a posture to the body. You feel lighter and more poised. Anyone who desires a curvaceous body should try pilates,” said Surbhi Mehtani, a 36-year-old entrepreneur based in Aundh.

People who regularly visit gyms also practice Pilates as it not only strengthens the core muscles but also makes a person more flexible. The fitness regimen also makes a person less prone to injury by toning muscles and strengthening them.



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