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Achieving Flexibility through Pilates

Why do we need Flexibility when we can just stretch an arm and reach the Cell Phone, today! Stretching goal for the day achieved! Sadly, these are the new age goals. Exercise is probably one of the first things to go when life gets really hectic, considering the most common reason people give for not being physically active is a “lack of time”. It’s bigger than that though! As we get older our muscles naturally lose strength and become less supple and stiffer. It’s the loss of tissue elasticity that can cause muscles and joints to tighten up. How flexible are you? One of the most common ways to check your Flexibility is to see if you can touch your toes whilst keeping the legs straight. If you find that you feel stiff, and suffer from bad posture then flexibility training is a must.

Pilates consists of gradual movements that can really help to achieve greater flexibility throughout the body with noticeable changes in a short time with the correct technique. So how can you become more flexible? The best way to become more flexible and maintain it is to stretch daily. Stretching increases the range of motion and reduces regeneration of the joints. The more flexible your pelvic muscles, hamstrings, hip flexors and quadriceps are, the less stress to your lower back and this will help to enhance the enjoyment of other exercise and make things like tying your shoe laces easier! Primarily consider your goal as touching your toes and moving over eventually. Feel free to adjust the moves as you need to feel the stretches where you are most tight and don’t be afraid to modify if a stretch is too easy or too difficult for you. Think of stretching as a conversation with your body, and stay tuned into the messages it sends- leans lightly and gently into each position but never forces anything. Make flexibility your goal this year! Get tailored exercise routine to support flexibility, strength, and stability at BeFit Pilates!



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